Payroll Services

We manage payrolls, deposit taxes, and file tax returns for businesses with employees in all fifty states and territories around the US. When you work with us, you can focus on your business while knowing that your payroll is being handled by payroll professionals who ensure that everyone is paid appropriately and on time.

Payroll Tax Services

It is vital to pay payroll taxes appropriately and on schedule. Depending on the thresholds established by the various states and the IRS, each payroll cycle calculates employer taxes, withholds employer taxes, and schedules tax payment transmissions to the relevant tax agencies. As your authorised agent, our representative communicates with the tax offices on your behalf and advises them.

   Time and Attendance

We provide timekeeping systems that are simple to set up and administer. Before selecting a time and attendance solution, companies are examined based on business size, schedule complexity, access for managers and remote users, and any other criteria that may be unique to each particular organisation. All of our suggested time and attendance solutions are built to work in tandem with our unique payroll administration system. This comprehensive system integration removes the chance of human mistake while saving you time (and money) on data entry.

In short, our strong dedication to customer service enables us to provide our clients cost-effective, configurable business process tasks that bridge the gap between corporate payroll, employee benefits, and human resource management.

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